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Coach Moreno and the Catch-All Baseball staff do an absolutely amazing job in preparing the student-athletes in their program for the rigors of college baseball and life afterwards.  I have had the pleasure of coaching eight of his students over the past 10 years, and all of them were vital contributors to our success, but more importantly, they were outstanding students, leaders and high character individuals.  I know that when Coach calls and says he has a young man for our program that I truly am getting a quality young man!  Coach, keep up the good work!! – Mike Rizzo/Head Baseball Coach – Whittier College

Our son’s participation in the training programs at Catch-All Baseball Academy has proven to be priceless. Skills learned and sharpened with Coach Joe have produced incredible moments & created fantastic baseball memories for Justin, his teammates, friends and family. 

Coach Joe’s constant interest in Justin’s academic success has motivated him to work hard and excel academically, increasing his GPA (.75) in just one semester. There are no words to describe how grateful we are.

James & Kelly Townley, Stockton, CA

At Catch-All Baseball, the coaching staff’s time, devotion, and encouragement has helped develop both our sons into the student athletes they have become.  Our experience with the Coaches at Catch-All Baseball over the past year is beyond impressive.  They are very talented, knowledgeable men who have displayed great dedication to our sons.  Through their dedication, they have trained our sons to become more effective, skilled athletes, able to reach their maximum physical and mental potential.   We are very proud to have our sons involved with the Catch-All Baseball program, and the coaches who run it.

Mike and Vicki Enos, Stockton, CA

For the past six months, our son has attended Catch-All Baseball Academy.  Thanks to Coach Moreno and his great staff, he has not only improved his baseball skills but also his outlook on the importance of his education.  His teachers have noticed a tremendous change and have commented on how much he has matured in the last six months.  His self-esteem has improved so much that he is now receiving recognition awards at school,  raised his grade point average and has set his goal to become a much better student athlete.  Thank you Coach Moreno and Staff for making it happen.

Hector & Araceli Ayala, Stockton, CA

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